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Birthmark Tattoo Studio
Tattoo Studio in Bangalore
Birthmark tatoo studio
Rahul Mitra

A ‘Birthmark’ is a gift you wear; a sign that stays forever. Getting a tattoo from Birthmark Tattoo Studio in Bangalore is nothing less than a birthmark. It’s more like painting a permanent signature of your soul and character on your skin.

Birthmark Tattoo Studio in Bangalore

A ‘Birthmark’ is a gift you wear; a sign that stays forever. Getting a tattoo from Birthmark Tattoo Studio in Bangalore is nothing less than a birthmark. It’s more like painting a permanent signature of your soul and character on your skin.

Creating the tattoo of your dreams requires dedication, time and skill. Come by the tattoo parlour anytime to discuss your ideas and get the best advice for your first tattoo.

Welcome to

Rahul Mitra’s Tattoo Parlour in Bangalore

At Birthmark Tattoo Studio in Bangalore, be sure to get a professional yet friendly tattooing experience. Rahul Mitra himself takes care of every single point when you choose to get a tattoo under his consultation. You will get a unique tattoo design every time you decide to get inked. Your satisfaction is the foremost criterion here.


How is Creativity Incorporated with Birthmark Tattoo Studio?

From seasoned veterans to the first introduction to the world of tattoos, Rahul Mitra accommodates every client’s creative needs. Over the years, Rahul and his tattoo parlour in Bangalore have earned a reputation for providing creative  tattooing here in Bangalore.

Some of the clients at Birthmark come up with a concrete idea of the design they want to portray. Birthmark Tattoo Studio in Bangalore honours the process of collaboration with the client to create the magic. Rahul always paints the concept to a butter paper first to help a client understand the design idea.

Kind of Tattoos You Get at Birthmark

You only get permanent tattoos here at Birthmark Tattoo Studio in Bangalore. At his tattoo parlour in Bangalore, Rahul Mitra possesses versatility in tattoo design and allows clients to choose and customize a tattoo. Rahul is specialized in painting full sleeve tattoo designs with different themes and ideas from fantasy to religious styles. You can also get to choose custom designed tattoos from his favourite realism style in a detailed way. Rahul Mitra is open to all ideas to create every tattoo as a unique experience.

Full sleeve tattoos

Paint your persona on the canvas of your sleeves.

colour tattoos

Wear the vibrancy of colours on your skin with colour tattoos.

portrait tattoos

Portray the remembrance of your loved one on your body.

realism tattoos

Carry your realism in style with realistic tattoos.

geometric tattoos

Shape some cool ideas with geometric tattoo designs.

font tattoos
font tattoos

Flaunt your favourite font on your arms with a font tattoo.

feminine tattoos
feminine tattoos

Let your womanhood speak through the ink.

coverup tattoos

Get your old scar covered with an aesthetic tattoo design.

Tattooing in the Right Direction

When you choose Birthmark Tattoo Studio in Bangalore, you choose happiness. Every time you step in to get a tattoo in this tattoo parlour in Bangalore, you feel the same excitement of getting the first tattoo. Rahul follows his own style to offer you an amazing tattooing experience you will cherish afterwards.

With all the hygiene set-up, Rahul moves ahead to make the necessary sterilization of the stencil to put the approved design on the pre-cleaned skin. Rahul gives a quick needle prick on the client’s skin to check if the client is comfortable to proceed. A client’s comfort is the most important thing at this tattoo parlour in Bangalore. To keep the client relaxed and hydrated water and fresh juices are offered at regular intervals during the whole session of the tattooing process.

The client is allowed to take their own breaks in between the process. Rahul makes his clients aware of taking good rest and having a full portion of a meal before getting inked. He strictly prohibits the consumption of alcohol before or during a tattooing session.

Hygiene Standards at Birthmark Tattoo Studio in Bangalore

Rahul Mitra maintains the international standards of hygienic tattooing procedure at his tattoo shop in Koramangala, Bangalore. For every client he sets up a fresh supply of kit. All the products used at this tattoo parlour in Bangalore is imported from the USA.

  • Tattoo Ink: Pre-sterilized, imported ink to defy unwanted colour fades or smudges. The black ink doesn’t change to bluish or greenish or any different tint.
  • Tattoo Needles: Disposable tattoo needles are taken out from sealed packets in front of the customers to exclude any chance of contamination.
  • Tattoo Machines: Rahul Mitra only uses the highest quality tattoo machines to offer the clients the best result they desire.
  • Lubricants: Medically approved lubricants and ointments are used for a smooth, trouble-free experience.
  • Tattoo Stencil: At Birthmark, you will find the highest graded tattoo stencil for top-of-the-podium inking experience.
of Choosing Birthmark Tattoo Studio in Bangalore

The benefit is that you feel good, the goodness of owning yourself a priceless feeling. To do justice to that, Birthmark Tattoo Studio in Bangalore provides you with an experience you can cherish all through. At Birthmark, you are assured of getting:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Rahul Mitra never charges an extra penny from his clients for the services he provides. He believes in serving trust; hence he cares more about the client’s satisfaction and needs.
  • Customisation: A ready-made solution is not for everyone. At this tattoo parlour in Bangalore, you are ensured to get customisation in tattoo art. Rahul collaborates with the client first and tries to understand the need and then proceeds accordingly.
  • Care and Consultation: Get your queries and doubts out of the line with a consultation from Rahul Mitra. He is a pro tattoo maker in Bangalore carrying years of experience in this field and probably the right person to answer your questions about tattoos.
  • Post-tattoo Care: A newly painted tattoo is nothing better than a new wound. You need some serious care to the place. Get proper tips from Rahul Mitra to enhance the livelihood of your tattoo.

Introduction of Birthmark Tattoo Studio in Bangalore

Rahul Mitra is a self-taught tattoo artist and has been tattooing since 2006. Inspired by his friend, Rahul took up this career and chose to paint people’s emotions and ideas to their bodies. He is now considered amongst the top ten tattoo designers in the country. The brand “Birthmark Tattoo Studio” was established in 2010 at the most happening place in Bangalore. With this many years of experience, we, at our tattoo centre in Bangalore understand tattoo is not just a body art; it’s about the emotional connection of the soul. Rahul Mitra’s tattoo parlour in Bangalore expresses all your thoughts into a unique technique that will always bring you good and positive vibes.

Personal Consultation from Rahul Mitra at Birthmark Tattoo Studio in Bangalore

Rahul Mitra wants to encourage people to showcase their personality in front of the world. Tattoos have powers and magic of their own. They not only decorate your body, but they also speak a lot about your soul. So, whenever you are thinking of getting a tattoo or worried about it, get a consultation from Rahul Mitra, the best person to satisfy your queries on tattoo art and designs.

Getting a tattoo is not just about painting some images on your body. A tattoo tells all the tales of your soul and character. Reflect the inner you with Birthmark. The best tattoo centre to listen to your thoughts, the right place to get your first tattoo done. Visit Birthmark Tattoo Studio in Bangalore today and explore the world of tattoos.


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Tattoo Aftercare

  • Remove the cling wrap gently and use a mild anti bacterial to wash away excess fluid and ink particles.
  • Use clean material to dry the tattoo by gently dabbing on your fresh tattooed area. Avoid using cotton or using towels on your fresh tattoo
  • Use your tattoo care product as provided by the artist, 3-4 times a day {important} very Thin coat only to keep your tattoo moist enough and glossy. Do not over apply as it will clog the pores and delay healing.

When You Choose Birthmark, You Choose Authenticity

  • Latest design artwork
  • Hygiene measures
  • Customizable
  • Care and consultation


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